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Baby Seat

Baby Seat in Taxi Melbourne

If you are traveling with kids who are under 5 years of age, it is important to take their safety into account. At Melbourne Corporate Cars, we are considerate of your little ones' safety and comfort, which is why our fleet comprises luxurious taxi with baby seats. This makes sure that your baby stays in place in an event of sudden brake or acceleration. However, proper measures are taken on the driver's part, but just to ensure extra safety of your little one, we consider incorporating extra safety features in our airport transfer services.

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Baby seats can be integrated in any taxi, regardless model or make. It could be placed in the front or the back seat of our chauffeur cars in Melbourne, as per your convenience. The seat is designed to perfection with 3-way cushioned protection that keeps your baby comfortable and cozy for a nice sleep while on the move. It also has a harness that works just like a regular seat belt so as to keep the baby from feeling the jerk.

Baby Seat

How much to pay?

While most companies charge extra for providing baby seats, Melbourne Corporate Cars includes baby seats charges in the regular package (nearly $10), because we are focused more on ensuring your baby's safety than merely cashing in.

When you book a ride with us, just make sure to request the baby seat at the time of booking so that we could ensure its availability when you need it.

With Melbourne Corporate Cars, it's not only your comfort that will be taken care of, but the little ones accompanying you will also be given the top priority. If you are traveling alone on a budget and do not need a taxi with baby seats, our People Mover can be a perfect pick for you.

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